Monday, October 24, 2005

Time wasted in ED

How often does someone get the opportunity for a placement in an emergency department for a year?? Yet, here I am, day in day out, sitting in the ED Research Office doing my assignment...

Dumb dumb dumb assignment...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hi Mr.Blog

Dear Bloggie

Sorry for not writing to you for so long. In compensation for that, I'm trying out a new style of writing to you. From now on, until whenever I feel I should stop (that could mean the next entry!), I'll write to you in this style!

I've resisted telling you about this person, that after 21 years of my life, someone actually manages to piss me off. How often is that dear bloggie I ask you? I mean, the worst was feeling indifferent towards someone, no hate, no love but I guess this person brings the dislike out of me (yeah, I haven't used hate yet...). Some people in this world just don't have a sense of responsibility. And common courtesies ain't all that common.

I'll just leave this entry here as it is. Maybe I'll add more next time, who knows -- there's always more things that annoy me...