Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A published author

Anyone can start a blog and become a published author. Yet not everyone gets an opportunity to publish in a respectable journal read by a select group of people.

That's what I wanted to start this post with. But on the other hand, I think - 'I'M GONNA BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR READ BY MILLIONS' - sounds much better!

Is that why I am still working on my research about paramedic handovers? There's always more things to edit, numbers to check (which showed something scary - I think I made some very minor mistakes with the numbers in my thesis - nothing that would change any conclusions or even affect percentages), references to add. If there's anything this research has taught, it's
  • Research takes a lot of time and effort
  • It is good to get a superb supervisor (or in my case, supervisors).
  • Get published - otherwise the effort's kinda wasted
  • Even in research, it is nice to have contacts
It'll probably be a while still before my research gets published, and hopefully someone will want to publish it!