Thursday, September 29, 2005

Colour of life

The weather is cold. I'm here still waiting for the rice to cook. Somehow the heater refuses to work anymore, and somehow Melbourne is colder during spring (well this few days at least).

Does tiredness colour the perception of things?

Somehow things feel so bleak today. There's nothing to look forward to, just more work. My neck and my back is aching, probably from badminton this morning. As I look out of my window, the city of Melbourne beckons -- tiny lights on skyscrappers fill my sight; enticing and conjuring images of fun and excitement to be had. Yet when tomorrow comes, all sunny and bright, it makes no difference, for I already know what I'm going to do - work.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Too many commitments?

Suddenly out of nowhere, my workload seemed to have increased significantly. I've been doing my St.John duty, marketing for a banquet, piloting my research study, organising a birthday luncheon, and now, may even need to allocate volunteers for charity BBQ. Nothing has been going particularly well actually -- the duty today was boring, MAS didn't want to do my study, people pulling out of the lunch, and yet undone...volunteer allocation on top of everything else.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Paramedic research? - - Ka poof!

I'm still recovering from the shock and disappointment of finding out that my research proposal to talk briefly with paramedics in the ED has been shot down by the Metropolitan Ambulance Service (MAS) research committee. It seems that I'll be making the paramedics stay longer than they should in the Emergency Dept. They suggested that I do a focus group instead - and pay each participant $52 per hour (which is double their hourly rate).

Spent one month perfecting the submission.
Waited one month to hear this news

What a great organisation MAS is!

Monday, September 19, 2005


Tjun's post on the different kinds of bloggers kind of reflect on the different kinds of people that are out there, in the big big world (that sometimes feel like it ain't that big...). There's this one person I know that, sadly, is not well-liked by many people. Sometimes it's really his/her (to preserve anonimity) fault -- after all no one really likes people who are insensitive (or at least, appear to be). What's scary is not the fact that s/he annoys me (and frustrates me even more) but the fact that other people can dislike him/her so much.

I've been wondering -- what can make someone hate another so much?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It is almost possible to see the hospital where I'm doing my research in this photo -- look at that red sign board! Posted by Picasa

Someone forgot to throw their beer bottles away... Posted by Picasa

A pair of ducks (?) preparing to take the dive -- another picture taken at Carlton gardens on my way home Posted by Picasa

The little birdie that I saw on my way home from St.Vincent's hospital Posted by Picasa

The nuggets that goes with that sauce :P Yummm... Posted by Picasa

Why am I dippiping into a "Spicy Dipping Sauce" that's 'Made in Malaysia' here in Melbourne? Posted by Picasa