Monday, March 14, 2005

Birthday celebration

A whole gang of medical students rocked up to a Mexican restaurant today and caused such havoc never previously seen before. Obviously the birthday boy (I'm using that term very loosely...over 21...urm...boy??) is a typical thick skinned =) "let's make a 'MTV Video' right here, right the restaurant". I must say it was hilarious...singing the Cadbury ad song ('...wouldn't it be nice....'etc etc. i forgot!).

After dinner, I thought I was going home...but wait those people "convinced" us (being me, Ming, Chit and Mei Ying) into going to Vanessa's place. We were initially at Wai May's place but suddenly someone called and told us that Vanessa was coming to fetch us to her apartment. Wai May stayed at home because the car couldn't fit her...otherwise...she would have had to coming along as well! It was a long night...

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