Saturday, March 19, 2005

The early Saturday morning post

It has been quite a hectic week for me. I guess that's why I haven't been posting much during the weekdays. In addition to the movie and the birthday bash, I think there was a lot decisions to be made and things to be done as well.

The quiz on Monday morning was alright I guess (as far as I can guess...but what really annoys me is that I remembered Staph. aureus wrongly...basically I selected an option that said S.Aureus was catalase and coagulase negative!!!)

And then on Thursday I went to St.V to meet my AMS coordinator. He seemed to have lost his voice (hoarse!) but there was another lady which seemed really friendly. She was the 'new' Research Officer of the Emergency Research department (I mean the whole department is who's not new?) The research topics that they suggested were all very interesting, I'll have a hard time deciding which one to do for my year there.

Sorry no reflections on life or anything on this post. I really wanted to talk about something the other day but Blogger kinda screwed up, so I can't be bothered typing the whole thing all over again...maybe next time when I'm really free :D

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Todd said...

Yeah...very Yahoo Groups sometimes just blows up in your face

write one nice long post > submit > omg lost....

geeeee talk about Information Transmission...and lost packages...don't get me started on Telecommunications.....I'll kill my lecturer.......