Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Boring St.John meeting

Imagine my dismay after taking the time, effort and moolah to go to the St John meeting only to find someone tell me:

"Okay people, let's practice taking pulses..."

And then the person I'm paired with is a fellow Meddy who I don't know (and he me). I just recognised him from his name (and maybe his face a bit...).

"This is you take radial pulse. Try it on my hands. What are the reasons for taking a pulse?"

"Urm...to get pulse rate, check character of pulse, when taking blood pressure?" I said hesitantly (or as hesitant as I could get while cracking up inside).

"Do you know how to take carotid pulse? It's a bit harder if you take it lying down"

"Did you know that I'm in the same course as you?"

"Yeah...urm...same year?"

HAHAHA if you knew you wouldn't ask that!

And that was that...meeting ended about 15minutes later after discussing how to fill paperwork whilst on duty. People might not admit it openly, but legal complications from medical treatment (and even first aid) is making everyone paranoia and way to save our butts is to write everything down. Wouldn't know when a wacko patient might feel poor and sue our ass off our pants.

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