Sunday, May 22, 2005


Heh I feel a little guilty for not posting here for the past 11 days - but hey maybe I had better things to do than to write to a webpage no one's supposed to be reading. I've just bought tickets for Star Wars Ep.III - Revenge of the Sith to be watched on Tuesday afternoon after classes. I'm surprised I'm looking forward to it (after the lousy 1 and 2s); it had good reviews actually!

Exams in about less than 17 days - then - it's over for my preclinical years. I'll be starting AMS (which if anyone is curious, stands for, Advanced Medical Science) and then I'll be off to my clinical rotations at St.Vincent's Hospital (and it's associated hospitals incl. Geelong Hospital and rural hospital placements). Like I said before, Patients Beware!


Darla said...

good luck to your exams,and enjoy Star Wars Ep.III :)
u have such a wonderful blog

chris said... soon get to watch star wars d ar??so unfair!!! the queue in mid valley is still too long..advance booking 2 days wa..siau!...gonna watch next month onli la...onli if its good...

Jimmie Cho said...

Beware Patient? haha! try saying that infront of them! =p

Guohao said...

Thanks for commenting people!

darla - hi and welcome to my blog! don't know how you managed to reach my blog! nice to know there are people reading tho' i was hoping not many people would - a weird aim for a blog (since some people would promote their blog everywhere...)

chris - hi and bye ;p and hmmm should go for your full name...much clearer then lil sis

jimmie cho - I would if I could - too bad there's too many witnesses, consultants especially I think