Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another month...

Wow it's already August! Today was a super loooong day, feeling a bit tired, but don't know, I'm feeling like I need to blog a bit ;p

9.30am Tram to Melbourne central
9.45am Train to Footscray
10.10am West Footscray station
10.30am Reached Western Hospital after a 15minute walk
11.30am Finished tutorial...walk back to station
12.10pm Reached Melbourne Central
12.20pm McDonald's ;p
1pm Workshop on thesis writing
2.15pm Tram to St. Vincent
3pm Reached St. Vincent
5pm Leave for uni
5.20pm Returned DVD to library
5.45pm SALP meeting + dinner
6.45pm Tram to Flinders St.
7.20pm Tram to Bridge road for St. John
9.30pm Finished St. John - tram back to city
10.10pm Reached Village Cinemas - watching "The Island"
12.10pm Walk back to apartment
1.21pm Finished writing this post

Today in a nutshell...not


Todd said...

dear after 11 pm it's 12 am not pm

Kok Hoong said...

the island is a damn nice movie~