Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A day in the ED (1)

Clinicals in ED could be fun, as it could be boring. This morning in the ED, I felt like an idiot, totally, not knowing what to do, or asking who for help. Everyone looked so busy. I wasn't sure if I could interview the patients even then in the morning - some were still sleeping, others were being evaluated by other doctors (from other departments presumably?). Yet I was really happy I managed to talk to ONE (!) patient, even though I didn't really get much from him. He seemed a bit reluctant to talk to me. Presumably because he's a bit depressed, talked to one too many medical student and damn...it's early in the morning?

Andrew (ED director) asked me to observe him perform a minor trauma suturing in the afternoon, as I was about to leave the department too! It was a good experience watching him perform the procedure and it didn't seem that difficult though it's hard to say...since he has years and years of experience (and I know that tends to make things look easier than they really are). The patient though, was really screaming in pain, even though he had tonnes of local injected into his wound already. Funny thing was, Andrew was administering the BIP questions as he is suturing the poor guy...and that guy said he wasn't a heavy drinker when he drinks about 40 units of alcohol A DAY!!!


Todd said...


What is a 'unit' of alcohol? ??

What is the criteria that must be met by a person to 'qualify' as a heavy drinker?

Guohao said...

a unit of alcohol? hmmm...one standard drink?