Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bendigo: A showcase

Yes it's my fourth week in Bendigo now - and look at the pictures I've got myself. No, Bendigo's not rural, it's called regional. Basically it means a city in the bush. Kinda like Shah Alam or Seremban back in Malaysia :)The hospital itself ain't too bad - people there are mostly quite friendly, and are usually quite happy to help. There's always the odd ones out and the special situations, like when the whole group was told we weren't wanted for the morning wardround - and all of us were dripping wet from walking in the rain to make it for the round. Myers came from here - before they were swallowed up by the Sydney-side Grace Bros. and started to lose money. Still I haven't had time to actually explore the town too much yet, and may just do that tomorrow - if it doesn't rain.

For a place that's complaining of drought, it's raining awfully a lot here recently. When we first came four weeks ago, Bendigo's in Stage 5 water restriction and was expected to run out of clean water in NOV 2007 (I've never expected to be in a place that can run out of water in my lifetime) - but I reckon it should be all right till next year now :p

Funny how I spent my Friday night - not in a pub, not in a club, not in a cinema, nor in a party - I was in the emergency department till around 11.30pm. It's actually so much more fun being there as a clinical student rather than a research student. Still, with exams looming, everyone's a little stressed out about it. Short case, long case, MCQs - there's so much to learn and so little time. But it's okay, because we're medical students - impossible is what we do everyday (whoa!).
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