Friday, April 27, 2007


For two years or so, I have not bothered to change my blog template -but, because exams are approaching, it is only appropriate that I procrastinate by updating the template to a 3-column style, with the left-most column reserved for relevant links and right-most column for blog navigation and chat.

I'm sure you would have noticed a big colour change, from the gloomy "Dots - Black" template, I am now using 565 template (who knows what 565 means really?!)

I have added my favourite medical and non-medical books list - hopefully, the booklist will be helpful :)


Yew Weng said...

First! again

nice change :)

Guohao said...

congratz! didn't think you had much in way of competition :)

might as well say hi on chatterbox...

Pawlu said...

Thanks for the link add! :)

Incidentally, I've found that the new Davidson's (21st Ed) is a bit better than the Kumar for Medicine, but maybe that's my personal preference. To be very fair, I'm comparing it to the 5th ed of Kumar, not the latest one... but I still think it tops it :)

Just an opinion!

Guohao said...

I've not used Davidson's - so I can't really comment on it. K&C is brilliant compared to wordy Harrison's.