Thursday, June 07, 2007

Highlight of a medical student's career?

I woke up early to a cold Melbourne morning - only to miss my shuttle bus connecting the main hospital campus to the satellite campus 10mins away.

Reaching the clinic 30mins late was no matter at all, since no urologists were in sight when I arrived.

It was all worth it - because we told a consultant (call him A) that we were at the urology clinic to learn DRE (for the uninitiated, that's digital rectal examination or more crudely, finger-up-your-bum). Thereafter, every other urologist that A met was told of our presence (and aims). One laughed hysterically and I must say, unhelpfully.

There were just the two of us. It was a draw of 4-4.

(No, we don't keep scores for everything, just for DREs, venepunctures, IVCs, IDCs ..............)

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