Thursday, June 12, 2008

The passing of a man, a mentor and a teacher

Vale Associate Professor Andrew Wesley Dent, Member of the Order of Australia.

He was more than just my research supervisor. He was more than just the Emergency Department Director.

He was the one who checked on the progress of a medical student's research, during his lunch break - with a Coke in hand for lunch.

He was the one who brought smiles and jokes to the table. Who told stories of his days as a medical student and a junior doctor.

He inspired his Department and made Emergency such a great place

Most of all, he inspired me.

With his dedication and care, to his staff, his friends, his patients and his family;

With humbleness that has not been surpassed;

Thank you, Andrew, For your advice;
For your guidance,

For we will all miss you. For I will miss you. And your jokes. And your guidance.

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