Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Are 8am lectures really necessary?

Despite the wide resources of Melbourne University (and the many many lecture halls), the Faculty of Medicine seems to find thrill in allocating one 8am lecture, at least, every semester. Going to these early morning lectures feels like another morning's a blur - at least I don't remember much of the lecture (it is debatable how much I remember from other lectures, a control study might be indicated here).

I'm pretty sure the lecturer would appreciate the extra time for him/her (political correctness - no longer masculine when gender unknown) to prepare for the lecture (reminds me of last minute assignments) and students, the extra sleep.

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WanTse said...

Hi... just stumbled by your blog... actually you'd be surprised at how jam packed the uni's schedule is... and besides I think these Aussies prefer to wake up early and finish classes early... Personally I don't mind 8am classes but I have lectures during lunch time which really annoys me...