Thursday, March 10, 2005

I have a fungal infection: A self-diagnosis

After finishing my clinical class today, I've decided that I have a fungal infection. That's, by the way, in addition to the angina that I have (and may still have) since Semester 3 and my irritable bowel disease from Semester 2.

I'm considered fortunate by most, I must say. Amongst my group mates, one thought that she had melanoma and another thought he was being poisoned (his fingernails had a strip of black lines outwards).

I bet by the time I reached my clinical school years, I would have had at least diabetes, the most resistant bugs you could find living up my nose and my throat; and probably my angina would have progressed to unstable or a heart attack.

It's really no wonder the world is short of doctors, eh?


Todd said...

O.o study like me DotA all night

Todd said...

geeeee wth man post wrong blog (that was meant for Jacob duhhhh) now you'll scared yourself to death before long :D

anyway Go doctors

P.S. what's up doc?

Jacob said...

geee yew weng's lame lame lame!

anyway..... dun be such a hyperchondriac la, my classmate has a real right bundle branch block though. cool eh? the ECG said so, and the other day we were at the KKB hospital. he went to consult the specialist about it. wonder how's it going. anyway.... angina huh? can be caused buy a million things la, could be esophagal reflux... or lung problems or.... i dunno, hernia?? ;p

anyways. take care

Jacob said...

oh and yeah by the way, about ur 'recommenting' on my blog.... sheesh!

Guohao said...

whether or not one has it...i'm pretty sure medical students in general are prone to hypochondrosis :D

Todd said...

Isn't it called hypochondria????