Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Short hours, long day

I woke up at 7.30am, left for uni at 7.50am, and reached lecture theatre at 8.05am for a lecture that ended at 9am. And that was the only lecture I had for the day (other than SALP seminar during lunch hour).

Feeling a little sleepy still at the moment even though it's already nearly 11. I'm a little worried about the coming test next Monday, for I don't seem to be prepared yet. And here I am being reminded by my housemate that there was a "War of Emperium" going on tonight in Oceania Ragnarok Online (oRO). This would be happening between 6-8pm.

Also feeling a little anxious about cooking tonight - I'm planning to cook steak. I really hope I get things right. Heehee...then I can start inviting people for dinner ^^.

----edit @ 10:20pm -------------

Experiment was a qualified success! I managed to cook steak with sauce, albeit the steak was more cooked than I wanted it to be. Wait till I learn to cook better sauces - my aunt is coming down from Sydney...hopefully could learn a few tricks from her because she's good with steaks and stuff.

Regarding cooking for you Jacob, urm...why don't you just ask Carl Lin to cook for you? ^^


Jacob said...

Ahhh steak!!! cool!!
if its edible next time come back must cook for us to try yeah ^_^

take care, and good luck with your cooking escapades! the last time I tried to cook (few days back) I made a messy disaster and ended up with currypuff shaped 'pan mee' ;p

Todd said...

hmmmm steak you say? sounds fun (to eat that is) :D

oRO? My gaming days are over but that doesn't mean I'll die. Still other beautiful things to do you see. :)