Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Have you ever felt, in a moment, that you realised something profound? Like Achimedes did when he was in his bathtub...Eureka! I was so tired and stressed recently that I've forgotten how to live life; life was a drag. It's never easy to juggle many things in life; so much I have said in my previous post, but I've forgotten to enjoy doing them - I did them because I planned to do them and because I thought I had to do them. The fact is I planned to do them was because I wanted to but when the time came, doing something that was not 'routine' (and forced down my throat) in life is difficult.

I don't know what else to say, but somehow I'm feeling relief and excitement for things to come and the challenges ahead. What else in life can we hope for?

I would like to thank a friend (old friend at that) for giving me perspective on things (tho' I'll bet he didn't know it). I truly appreciate your help and confidence!

ps. the pot nearly boiled itself black while I was writing this piece of bs.

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Todd said...

Have you ever realize that some of the most beautiful things ever said are always considered as either rubbish or bullshit? :D This post is particularly beautiful.

Anyway, what was the perspective that you were 'given'? Care to share? :)

Do not forget, you must plan to do what you must do, and you must do what you must do, and you MUST enjoy what you must do. :) Does that make sense? Or is that just bullshit again? :D