Sunday, April 24, 2005

Long time no see :D

It's been a long long time since I've last posted on the blog. I've been wanting to post pictures of my latest cooking experiments...but there was not time. (or so it seemed since there's always time) Not much change in my life this few weeks, was quite disappointed for a while because of my results for quiz 1 was poor...quiz 2 was much much better. Yesterday was quite a day for me - my computer crashed and yeah watched movies till 4am at friend's place (Keen and Suling).

The bloody computer gave me the blue screen and then told me that "Missing or corrupted: C:\Windows\System32\Config\SYSTEM - press r at the recovery console during WinXP setup to attempt to restore file" (note msg is not exact :( ) Tried so hard but in the end couldn't do much of anything...installed windows again...except windows doesn't let me log on to my own account - supposed I have a password I never knew I had! So right now I'm using a fresh WinXP...will have to slowly restore old programmes back. much hassle!

While the computer was throwing tantrum, I was watching movies with some friends...we started off with "The Hunted". This was a really interesting movie - a lot of exciting melee fights especially with knife! The story I felt was a little predictable but overall an enjoyable experience.

Then we watched "Anatomie" - a very very interesting German movie (with English subtitles). ALL medical students should be made to watch this :p. The movie shows a bright german gal doctor who wanted to study more in anatomy at a prestigious institution for anatomy (which was at that time mainly monopolised by men). She discovers that the institution has one of the best anatomical specimens and models - because these models were vivisected (dissection of anaesthesised living people). Could be quite scary and disturbing for some people - so go ahead and grab a copy now!

We then watched "Exorcist - The Beginning". Another interesting show tho' the general comment was that The Exorcist (original 197x? movie) was a better movie and definitely scarier. Well I didn't watch the original movie so I wouldn't know but this movie wasn't particularly scary tho' it has its moments.


Todd said...

Hope your computer will have a speedy recovery ;)

:D :D

Guohao said...

it's on its way to recovery...otherwise i couldn't have blogged =P