Friday, June 03, 2005

National anthem in cinemas...HUH?

While procrastinating, I was browsing through some websites when I came across this weird forum title "Play Negaraku in cinemas, what's your opinion".

Why shouldn't Negaraku be played in cinemas?
1. What for - inculcating patriotism? More likely inciting rebellion...
2. Would there be time for it? Consider revenues for advertisements, trailers etc. An additional few minutes might not seem a lot but imagine going the cinemas playing that for every movie
3. Lost of efficacy - the more you play something, the more familiar people are with it, the less likely people would care about it (think back to school days when they tried daily singing of national anthem)
4. Why would anyone want to stand up and sing in a cinema...I mean...really??!!

Why should Negaraku be played?
1. Because the government suggests so??? Not good enough...


Todd said...

Why are they behaving like imbeciles? The reason why most Malaysians are not 'patriotic' enough is because of what the government does for the public I suppose? briberies at least there's improvement

You cannot ever instill patriotism by just singing Negaraku in cinemas. You might be singing it standing up but your mind has already wandered off to what you are going to have for dinner next etc......idiotic

Jacob said...

What can I say? They're retards for even suggesting it

Kok Hoong said...