Thursday, June 09, 2005

Le Si Hokkien Lang, wa si teo chew nang (kak kek nang pung)

I didn't know there were blogs dedicated to urm...the development of Hokkien dialect (particularly Penang). It seemed quite difficult to read the words and understand them - but then again, I'm not a Hokkien, definitely no Penang background as well.

Hok kuu bo tah teo chew ewh, bei hiao tah liow lor pak jik. Si le ai hiow tak wa seah si mi kai na jiou ko seah jik siahh nah 'comments' gor. Pak jik chai ki!

Hehe trying translating that ;p

Till the end of exams -- bye

Link to the Hokkien site:
Link to the TV Smith Hokkien entry:


ah san said...

wah la le ta mi kai? wo pung beh hiau tuck ta teo chew ueh ma ka tiang ueh teng lai hiau tuck boh? oi le meh cheh ke ka tau mo la..jing pai toin ar..pi tau pueh diah chuk lai... em mai thoh sueh wa la :P
anyway i dunno got enough cash to get ur sd card or not ar... i see la k...bye bye ha chew keah

Todd said...

That's definitely a sign of boredom. :P

Anonymous said...

ahh i'm not hokkien either.. but i think i managed to translate the first line and half of the second... something like "it's been a long time since learning/reading the teo chew dialect.Now already dunno how to read lor. If you know how to read i write... si mi bla bla =p

haha, dun bother i'm just bored.