Saturday, July 09, 2005

A post about the past month

Phew it's already July and my last post (other than yesterday's wake-up post) was June something, before my exams. The month long holidays felt short as usual but much happened within that time.

The 3rd year party was quite fun -- the transport there was a bit hectic though (the taxi driver was referring to his map!). Details are a bit woozy now, but pictures paint a thousand words so I've attached some photos along with this post. My face was a bit red...perhaps it was the alcohol? ;p

Moving on, I think I watched Mr and Mrs Smith -- a funny funny action movie, which in my opinion, in a weird way, parodies marriage. They get to do all sorts of things some husbands (and wives) only imagine doing to each kicking and shooting each other.

Mum and Dad came down to Melbourne soon after that I think, but not before I watched Batman Begins though. Another movie I really liked. Went around Melbourne with them and then ended up in Sydney.

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