Friday, July 08, 2005

The return to blogosphere marred by ugly terrorist attack in London

It took 6 bombs, 37 dead and hundreds of casualties (statistics as I know now, which is probably outdated) to jolt me back to writing -- well I planned to make a return but yesterday's incident reminds me of how important to do things now; we might not get a chance after that, what with all the terrorism everywhere around the world.

Fear and anger is in the air, and Mr.Yoda would say Lead you down the dark side, this would. Terrorising for the sake of what -- justice? revenge? just because you could? Whilst there's excuse for terrorism, the act of war against terrorism would not solve much problem other than absolving our own anger and survivor's guilt.


Todd said...

Would this kind of mindless (pun intended) acts end? This leads us nowhere. Was it a protest against G8, London 2012 or something more?

Jimmie Cho said...

only 4 bombs =P

bless them all