Thursday, September 29, 2005

Colour of life

The weather is cold. I'm here still waiting for the rice to cook. Somehow the heater refuses to work anymore, and somehow Melbourne is colder during spring (well this few days at least).

Does tiredness colour the perception of things?

Somehow things feel so bleak today. There's nothing to look forward to, just more work. My neck and my back is aching, probably from badminton this morning. As I look out of my window, the city of Melbourne beckons -- tiny lights on skyscrappers fill my sight; enticing and conjuring images of fun and excitement to be had. Yet when tomorrow comes, all sunny and bright, it makes no difference, for I already know what I'm going to do - work.

1 comment:

Todd said... come on....look at the bright side of it perhaps? you have work to do :d I know sometimes it can seem like an unending stream but I guess just persevere and good things will come to those who wait?

cheers....remember to be happy ya