Saturday, September 24, 2005

Too many commitments?

Suddenly out of nowhere, my workload seemed to have increased significantly. I've been doing my St.John duty, marketing for a banquet, piloting my research study, organising a birthday luncheon, and now, may even need to allocate volunteers for charity BBQ. Nothing has been going particularly well actually -- the duty today was boring, MAS didn't want to do my study, people pulling out of the lunch, and yet undone...volunteer allocation on top of everything else.


Todd said...

that is weird I was thinking about this exactly in my sleep (wah thinking in my sleep...hardcore but true that happens often) sleep without thinking is those dead(or stationary)-as-a-log ones :D highly precious but rare but still welcomed nontheless :D

juggle social life, study life, like woah...a window to the world of responsibilities?

tjunnie said...

is thr a social life for u maestro... now really... no offence meant... but... ur social means... erm... hanging with friends or sth? or u meant da more contemporary context of clubbing/mamaking/gatherings/party/meeting new ppl at bangs?
im not saying u r lifeless or sth so dont get it wrong. but u strike to me as a very chilled down kinda person. dont really hang out too much.

Todd said...

No offense taken. No worries.

I don't have the normal kind of social 'life' that people talk about. I live a different kind of life. I am not sure how to explain it but maybe I should just say that I don't club / mamak.

My social life is below-par for most of you in terms of activity count / variety but that is the way I like it I suppose. I am a very private person and going and making a lot of noise just maybe is not my kind of thing. Maybe I just chill out differently you know, I relax by studying (yes you got it right) and doing other sorts of studies, basically learning about things, people etc. I guess I sound like a freak but if that is the case then I am happy to be one.

Cheers, have a nice da, regardless!

tjunnie said...

nah dude. its aiights. everyone is different. thats why we are called individuals. not clones. do wht u want. life is about doing wht we want rite. c yaz around man.