Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Paramedic research? - - Ka poof!

I'm still recovering from the shock and disappointment of finding out that my research proposal to talk briefly with paramedics in the ED has been shot down by the Metropolitan Ambulance Service (MAS) research committee. It seems that I'll be making the paramedics stay longer than they should in the Emergency Dept. They suggested that I do a focus group instead - and pay each participant $52 per hour (which is double their hourly rate).

Spent one month perfecting the submission.
Waited one month to hear this news

What a great organisation MAS is!

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Todd said...

oh my goodness.....so sorry for you :( but at least you gained something from doing the 'submission' thing right?

I don't know if this would sound super absurd but I wish you can bounce back from this setback asap. :) Rich this is coming from the bouncy and buoyant me. :)

Somehow I feel different compared to the previous times I had late nights (much later than late and longer than I wanted to) but I'm not going to complain that my body can't take it the way I like it (haha shoot me...my own fault :P) but oh well, hope you'll do fine again.

Somehow finding clarity in the midst of revision. FTW? exactly. Know exactly how I have to spend the next coming 10 days to avoid absolutely dying like this again for Finals. :)

If you still unhappy, I give you sweets ok :) and webcam with you give you big smilies :) should be okay that way haha